How to know when your boss is lying to you

Polygraph and Lie Detection Expert shares how to detect deception

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Daniel Ribacoff is featured on Ribacoff explains that  that anyone can use simple techniques to detect if a boss is lying.  Click the link above to read the entire article. 

Below is a snippet:

"Daniel Ribacoff, author of “I Spy: How to Be Your Own Private Investigator,” says that anyone can use simple techniques to detect if a boss is lying. 

Ribacoff, the founder and CEO of International Investigative Group Ltd., says that you can even spot lies in emails or texts using a law enforcement technique known as the Linguistic Statement Analysis Technique (LSAT).

His first suggestion: Look for a lack of “commitment pronouns.”

For example, let’s say you send the boss an email asking about the status of a possible promotion. 

If the boss says, “I” will look into it by tomorrow, then that shows a commitment to you because he or she is committing to the request personally and providing a time deadline.

“If he says something like, ‘Oh, we’ll look into it and advise you,’ then that shows a lack of commitment on his part. He’s also being vague about what’s going to happen,” Ribacoff says. “When there’s a lack of commitment, it’s a sign of deception.”